Life imitating art…


The Nelson Mandela bronze statue at the Union building, Pretoria stands an impressive 9metres high and 8 metres from fingertip to fingertip. People line up to imitate the embracing pose so it seems a perfect entry for this week's WordPress challenge

Life Imitates Art | The Daily Post

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I've been on the move for the past six weeks, and taken a fair few 'vibrant' shots from Cape Town to Pretoria, Victoria falls and Oman! When I saw the Daily Post subject for this week it had to be the amazing streets of Bo-Kaap, in the shade of Signal Hill. We went on a free walking tour of the streets learning about the early Malay slaves who had gained their freedom and set up their community here. I would recommend these tours as a great way to explore – you simply pay the guide what you think he/she is worth.

Two local residents happy to be photographed by the group- one with an equally vibrant green scarf

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