Inside the arctic circle

Truly the frozen north...

A family birthday was a good reason for everyone to get together for adventure and the unique experience

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Day full of surprises….revisited

Not long after I started blogging and before I split my blogs into baking and photography I posted this day out at Payson Arizona . The lovely blogger, Gigi, over at Chasing Butterflies: Sunshine and Freedom | Just a Spanish Tale…..has been on a mission to track down my shots of the bald eagle in this post. My tagging was rubbish in the early days and I hadn't even moved the photography post to this site- well not many people ever viewed or commented on my efforts ( sad face. 😦 ) so this post is for you Gigi as you trawled through all those posts and liked or commented on many – THANK YOU!
Some days when you think you have hit the jackpot, the good just gets better..
Sunday afternoon chillin'

A trip up to the 'high country' around the mogollon rim to see some snow and blue sky proved

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January 2012 Retrospective


I've been quiet for a while after what turned out to be an epic baking bonanza in the latter part of the year. This got me thinking about all those dedicated souls who do a photo a day blog or a Monday musing. Another Facebook friend, a dedicated 365 photographer set up a page and invited Guernsey based friends to post their best picture for the year – HELP!
Welcoming in 2013
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