Floral Friday

Guernsey's bluebell wood is in the midst of showing off! So what better shout out for floral Friday than a few shots of yesterday's walk there (before the rain came in!)


The white variety make look innocent and to be growing in harmony with the local variety but it is akin to the grey squirrels killing of the native British red squirrels- it's a take over!

Hope you enjoy and if you are in the northern hemisphere hope Spring is in full bloom!




When the sun comes out I want to jump like that bronze deer. When the rain sets in for weeks on end throw me the duvet!


When I saw this week's challenge title 'seasons' I sighed. I know so many people who embrace all the seasons, couldn't dream of living anywhere that doesn't offer the full range of snow, rain, wind and sun through the year- not me!!!! I hate rain, I hate grey, and I hate wind. I love sun on my face and peeling off the winter layers of clothing. It was a cruel trick of fate being born in Scotland as far as the weather is concerned but a happy turn of life's opportunities to get away from a northern hemisphere winter as often as I do. And so it was that last month I escaped the relentless rain of guernsey by heading south to South Africa. My season has got to be summer,summer, summer!!

When the rain forgets to stop and the skies are leaden I'm the angry hippo!

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Have a great day whether or not you are enjoying the season.



Floral Friday



As I wade through the thousands of photographs taken on my recent holiday in South Africa, the stunning flora and fauna shots are competing hard with the breathtaking safari wildlife. I hope you like some of my western cape favourites.











Have a wonderful weekend.

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