I am so thrilled that you have clicked here and want to know who is behind the camera. I am Anne and my vANNilla name derived from my original blog – the baking blog which is now at vannillarock, there is a cheeky promotional link below. No calories will be consumed if you just look.

I was born in Glasgow in the early fifties, was an economics undergraduate at Edinburgh and then used my degree in banking and teaching. I have four grown up draughts who currently live far and wide. But when you are in guernsey even London is far and wide, if the weather come in and boats and planes are cancelled.

So back to my travels. I have always been a keen amateur photographer but only relatively recently have I had the confidence to turn off the auto button. I am learning something new about taking good shots, processing them nearly every week. It keeps me out of mischief now that I am retired from the day job.

The ‘rock’ part relates to my main home in guernsey- 20+ square miles in the English Channel. Guernsey is closer to the Normandy coast than it is to England, but it is English speaking (thank goodness) is part of the British Isles. It is self governing, meaning it has links to the Crown ( the Queen) but it elects its own government, sets its own tax rates and fights battles every day about why it doesn’t like being labelled a tax haven! We have no VAT, a flat rate 20% income tax, no capital gains or inheritance taxes.

Cabin fever is a problem if you don’t get off a small island, I don’t care how nice it is. Believe me, January and February (and more) wet, windswept months is the price you pay for green! So Arizona is my escape and is my best kept secret. Brits just don’t know Arizona – they know Florida and many have second homes there, but they have no idea what ‘dry’ heat means. The lack of humidity and absence of freak weather is something you just have to experience. That huge horizon, the beautiful dry climate, and the safe, friendly people, make it a home from home.


I love to engage with other bloggers otherwise I am talking to myself …..

33 thoughts on “welcome!”

  1. thank you cheryl- how lovely to meet you! canada to cairo- wow, that sounds like an adventure. i look forward to following your new adventures.
    as for turning off the auto button as a well known fitness company famously said ‘just do it’. looking through the metadata of the successes and failures will teach you more than any expensive course.

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  2. I am fascinated with all things travel and visual. I am envious of your confidence in turning off that automatic button and learning more about photography. I wish I would do the same as my pics are never quite what the reality was! I look foward to following you and learning more about places such as Arizona that have been off my radar completely. Happy travels from Cheryl from Canada soon to be moving to Cairo

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  3. thank you Jane. my original blog (which is now separate, under vannillarock) was a baking/food blog so vanilla was something used a lot!
    i will certainly have a look at your challenge. i spotted a wonderful recent post with a saguaro and wondered what edit you had used.
    i spend about 4 months a year in the phoenix area so photograph saguaros a lot πŸ™‚

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