A busy year #1

Coronado Bay Bridge San Diego


I am not alone in thinking about retrospectives when it comes to posts at this time of year. Nor am I alone in finding it so difficult to whittle thousands of shots down to one per destination – I still think it is a useful exercise because you want to capture the essence of the place. Without doubt the two most difficult choices were those for Death Valley which we visited in April and Yellowstone in August. Both national parks lived up to and beyond my expectations and I enjoyed the hours of work I devoted to the way too many photographs I shot.

I have chalked up 6 US states – California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming – and 9 countries- Barbados, Croatia, France, Italy, England, Scotland, United States, with San Marino as a cheeky addition! Currently waiting for my connection to the ninth – South Africa. (If I counted Dubai Airport I could sneak UAE in but that's a step too far).

I've had fun making up the final few and hope you enjoy my selection.

January was a busy month, starting in San Diego, followed by a few days in Barbados. The cloud coming in across the sea sums up so much about the daily pattern of the weather – storm clouds gather and quickly dissipate. Arriving back in phoenix the Super Bowl was in full swing, so I could miss a shot from that.

When we got back to Guernsey at the end of the month the island was being battered by exceptionally high tides…

March saw us back in the US on a longtime bucket list entry – Death Valley. It did not disappoint though the added 'excitement' of locking ourselves out of the car at sunset in a deserted car park probably wasn't the highlight but made for good dinner party material when we got back home!!
Back in phoenix for a week or so and then south to mount Lemmon to the Observatory. I have to thank sue over at traveltalesof life WordPress | Travel Tales of Life for a heads up on this wonderful evening.

In May 5 is Liberation day in Guernsey and this year marked the 70th anniversary of the day islanders were finally freed from German occupation after the Second World War. This shot was interesting because an almost identical one was featured in the newspapers.

Later in May we went to Croatia – to the island of Sipan- for a friend's birthday. This fisherman repairing his nets was a popular post and it typified the slow pace of life which still exists there- in sharp contrast to the packed narrow streets of nearby Dubrovnick.
Dubrovnick is a packed full of photographic opportunity and it was hard to single out one shot but in the end I went for a black and white treatment of the many angles of this entrance.
Back to Guernsey for a few weeks and the blooming of bluebell wood.
July saw us off on the ferry to St Malo to drive down to Tuscany where friends had rented a villa. st Malo, a pretty walled Brittany town, is the destination for the guernsey ferry service to Europe .

One of my daughter lives in Geneva, so we would make our road trip go though there, before going through the Mont Blanc tunnel and onto Italy.

Half the year down and half to go….

Have a wonderful day!



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Welcome to my blog! After a L O N G break from blogging during which Instagram (vannilla)took over my life, I am returning in a more varied format. Yes, I will bake and have been a Thermomix users from the days before it was cult-like. I'll share the best but I will also include that other hobby in my life, photography from my small island and beyond. If you like what you see, I'd love to hear from you! Anne

7 thoughts on “A busy year #1”

  1. Fabulous places… fabulous photos… fabulous memories. They all go hand in hand.
    You and I have somethings in common… Ingrid as a friend and the love of travel!

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  2. You have definitely had an active and eventful year. I’m glad you managed to squeeze in a visit with me during your stay in Phoenix. I look forward to following your 2016 travels 🙂

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