It's very popular, but I am at a loss as to why people extensively tattoo their bodies. I wonder how they are going to feel in a couple of decades when their skin may not be the same size! I participated in the global photo walk last month and while we walked through St Peter Port in Guernsey most of us took the opportunity to dodge in and out of shops and other places of business. The tattoo parlour was near our start point so this guy's legs were photographed a lot. He was having all of his arms done!

While it may not be to my personal taste, I think you'll agree it's intricate, so pretty good for this week's challenge.

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Welcome to my blog! After a L O N G break from blogging during which Instagram (vannilla)took over my life, I am returning in a more varied format. Yes, I will bake and have been a Thermomix users from the days before it was cult-like. I'll share the best but I will also include that other hobby in my life, photography from my small island and beyond. If you like what you see, I'd love to hear from you! Anne

14 thoughts on “Intricate”

  1. I so agree with you when the body is covered… and what will it look like down the road in a few years?
    I do however like the little one that is out of sight or maybe the meaningful signature of your parent… that is somewhat hidden.
    I do not have a tattoo … but have seen some tasteful ones done in a tasteful manner.
    and no… I am still not getting one. PAINFUL!
    Great picture of Intricate.

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  2. I’m with you and just don’t get it. Twenty years down the road, no one will be able to figure out what’s on his legs. It’ll just be a big blob of colors. Good subject for the prompt.

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  3. A young man I worked with explained to me in great detail once the process of having his half-sleeve done. If I had ever been inclined to get a tattoo that would have put me right off! Squirming in horror….

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  4. Wow, that’s very intricate, indeed! 🙂 I’m actually a big fan of tattoos – but not on me, I just like admiring it on other people. I think I’m too fickle minded to have something so permanent such as tattoos 🙂

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