The magnificent, empty piazzas of Arezzo

If you have been following my road trip you'll know we made a significant detour to take in San Marino, and we had no regrets in the extra miles that entailed. Sadly the route from San Marino to Arezzo was full of GPS 'humps in the road'. It's almost always true to say the direct way in a foreign country where road signs, with your specific town,end as randomly as they first appeared, is far from direct and wish you had taken the long route. Anyhow we finally made it to our friends' rented villa in Laterina, the other side of Arezzo; you can see from the google map that it was a cross spun try adventure, free of major roads!

Laterina designated by the marker

It proved to be a super location, close to the A1/E35 North/South arterial road. A goad train network always makes going by train to places like Florence quite sensible, as parking can be such an issue. Laterina itself is a typical, tiny, hill top town, extremely narrow streets, where the pace of life seems to be many notches below that of the average visitor.

Look up from the narrow street...
I am not entirely sure what these shields on the facade represent. Facades like this are commonly seen in towns and cities across the region. They may relate to family heritage or I think it's more likely they could have trade and commerce connections. If any reader knows, I like to be better informed.
A trebuchet, evidence of medieval defence systems

The day we spent in Arezzo old town was hot and humid, oh boy, was it humid. I am so used to arizona heat that I find wet heat quite difficult to handle. On the upside, it was quiet and as the photographs show (I haven't scrubbed anybody out!) walking and taking photographs was hassle free.

Piazza Grande
The piazza is empty here, but twice a year it comes to life when baroque style jousts are re enacted. If you'd like to book a stay around that time I'd be sure to book well ahead as they are very popular. They take place on the last but one Saturday in June and the first Sunday in September. If you want to get a flavour of what's in store search one of the many YouTube extracts.
This impressive monument is to the 14th century poet Petrarca, (also known as Petrarch) a native of the city. The writings of Petrarca and Dante (from Florence) are said to be the foundations upon which modern Italian was built. One of his most oft quoted lines is ” five enemies of peace inhabit with us- avarice, ambition, envy, anger and pride; if these were to be banished we should infallibly enjoy perpetual peace”

s Maria Della Pieve
Ferdinando I de Medici
Arezzo Cathedral
Intricate Trompe l'Oeil

I hope I have given you a taste of the ancient Etruscian city of Arezzo. I am so glad we put it on our itinerary.

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  1. Am back now, but no we didn’t get to Perugia. We I know it was so different from the tourist hotspots like Florence, cinque Terra, Siena. have been to Tuscany many times but when we drive there we actually like to chill too.

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