Road trip to Tuscany #2

Parma Italy


Time to leave Geneva, having savoured a wonderful meal out in the very desirable suburb of Collonge.

Over the years that our daughter has lived in the city we have visited many times, but it never gets any easier to negotiate an exit- I mean that quite literally. GPS activated and Parma, Italy our next stop dialled in, you would think we would be able to get out of this small city without a misstep. To be honest if i do ever succeed it probably won't be half as much fun!

Mount Blanc peeking above the clouds

Leaving France and soaking up the summer Alps where the highest peaks retain snow cover.

Mont Blanc was peaking through the clouds when we took our morning stroll along the lake, and that was where we were heading. The Mont Blanc tunnel, all 11.6k of it lay ahead and when we came out the other side we would be in Italy. We were going to keep a keen eye on speedometer this time as we fell foul of the many speed cameras inside the tunnel last time and had to pay a hefty fine for jut being a few kilometres over the speed limit.

And the Mont Blanc tunnel goes on and on.....
Tunnel information

The region of Emilia-Romagna Is home to the City Of Parma. Foodies and opera fans alike should having a twinge of recognition at this point.

For those who have never witnessed the mesh of overhead tram lines, common in many European cities, I leave them in to enhance rather than detract from the statue.

The ancient buildings of Parma, cut a pose which tell of the vast wealth of the city in Renaissance times. A centre of trade and home of Parmesan cheese and Parma ham amongst many other highly desired traded products.

Sun dial extraordinaire

The Palazzo del Governatore is home to this wonderful sun dial.

Behind the most battered of doors lie amazing courtyards and apartments


Monument to Verdi

Verdi (1813-1901) was born in the Province of Parma and came to dominate Italian opera – in my humble opinion- because it was and is quite simply musical. I felt a little saddened that this monument and some of the surrounding area looked neglected – I hope it doesn't show in the shots I have selected but I got the feeling that Parma was looking at its glory years in the rear view mirror.

Famous for prosciutto, Parmesan, music and architecture, Parma had a glorious wealthy past. Nowadays it appeared to be yet one more city caught up in the tide of humanity looking for a better life….

The toll on the Italian motorways proved to be less of a problem than the French. Italian toll passes cannot be bought- you have to hire by the month and they charge your credit card at end of month- the piece of tech which fits to your windscreen looks way more substantial than the flimsy French thingy and it actually works. apparently the impenetrable 'cage' of our car could be penetrated, so voilà, we approached those barriers like locals, no stretching, no scrambling for ticket, money, cards, just 'up barrier!!' I love Italy!!

Yet more reasons why you might 'know' Parma

I hope you have enjoyed my photographic journey down to Parma.

Next, further south and take a detour to the independent min-nation of San Marino

I love to hear you thoughts …



Our hotel in Parma...



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  1. Thanks Anabel. For me the charm in so much of Italy is the wilful neglect of the buildings. Litter, though, that’s different.
    What do mean yuk?! Haha I love the zing they give my violet macarons but finding a sweetie shop that stocks them is hard.


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