Road trip to Tuscany

St Malo

I have been on the move stopping in a different location each night, so blogging has taken a back seat. We didn't do a European road trip in 2014 – simply ran out of time- so it's extra nice to head south and join friends in Tuscany this year. From Guernsey we take the car on a ferry to St Malo

St Malo is a pretty town and worth a stop if you are in the region. When the aim is to make good mileage South, though it's a case of getting out of it as quickly as possible. We often make Tour a stop over, partly because we know a hotel very near the motorway, and this was our first night's stop. Major annoyance of the first day's travel was the malfunctioning telepass which should automatically raise the barrier on the payage (toll) and charge your credit card at the end of the month.sound simple enough but it didn't work after even after googling problems on our first stop over. It's not easy to find solutions because none of these tolls are manned and no one wants to get in a queue behind anyone with a problem!

Update on the telepass- apparently our car has a an impenetrable 'cage' – Google searches when we arrived in Italy uncovered this fact and the suggestion was to wave it out of an open window when approaching the barrier- you got that mental picture!!

geneva's iconic Jet in the background

One of our daughters lives in Geneva so we make that our second stop. I hope you enjoy my quick photographic snapshot of this photogenic city.

Rooftop drinks at the metropole
Not a patch on the Chicago bean but similar effects

Old town
Swiss clocks are even made of flowers

Aperol Spritz- the must have aperitif
Lake Geneva has soooo many swans..
That's one way to cross lake leman- think I'll stick to the ferry

Next we head on through the Mont Blanc Tunnel and into Italy ….

Have a great day.


I wrote this blog weeks ago but due to treacle like upload speeds 😦 was unable to post so I hope you, sweet readers, are ready for a great rush of European road trip tales!



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8 thoughts on “Road trip to Tuscany”

  1. Haha Ingrid. Hope you have been enjoying July- need a big catch up reading your old posts. I was stressed at the beginning not being able to upload in the villa but everything else was so wonderful it soon washed over me 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much Anabel. Got to get the 1800 photos down a bit!!! Before the Yellowstone jaunt next week- otherwise I won’t keep my head above water. Look forward to catching up with your travels. Anne

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