And so to Z…..

lovely blogger Anabel Marsh over at Anabel Marsh – Anabel’s Travel Blog suggested Zion as the perfect Z for my A-Z journey round the south west. Of course, she is right, and I have been to Zion in Utah, but I finished my fruitless search of my photo catalogue, it was confirmed that I had visited before I ‘went digital’. I am in Phoenix at the moment and my albums are in Guernsey- so no Zion.

However one of the Native American tribes which have tribal land in the south west is the Zuni. They are related to the Hopi ( many tourists in the south west will have come across the Hopi because they have a permanent exhibition on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, just across from the El Tovar hotel. )

The Zuni have their reservation along the Zuni river, a tributary of the little Colorado. They are Pueblo people And you can drive into the pueblo to see how they live today – I seem to remember a charge, but I could be wrong. I you are in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area the back road is worth travelling, not least to get off the freeway. You can find some links here Experience Zuni

I was assured by my better half that we have a Zuni bowl – after a brief Google search it looks a bit more Hopi than Zuni ! Anyway this is it. I await all the Native American art experts to put me straight 🙂

To Zuni or not to Zuni?


In response to Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

There is nonetheless a zebra involved in my last post for the A-Z challenge. The heliconius Charithonia or more commonly known as the zebra butterfly (thank goodness) was darting around in the butterfly enclosure at desert botanical this week. So why look any further when the shots came out not bad.

Time for a nap....

Thanks you to everyone who has taken a sneak peek, lingered, commented and returned. I appreciate you all as I know how difficult it is to fit everything into the busy lives we lead. I know my cubic theme wasn’t uploading properly and that would have put many people off. I hope this theme works better and would appreciate your letting me if it isn’t.




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  1. Well, if I decide well in advance it’s not too bad. I had my travel ones all done in March and the library ones were fairly quick. I wouldn’t do two again though – alternate years maybe!


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