W is for ….

Monument to Navajo code talkers of WW2
Window Rock, the seat of government of the Navajo Nation, was the only serious contender for W. The ‘window’ in the rock is HUGE, and I hope I have given you a sense using the perspective of the people on top of it. Believe me, that was not an option, even when the charming trinket seller said it was perfectly OK to scramble up and pointed out the direction of where to start!
If you do visit and stay overnight remember the hotels are dry ( alcohol free) and they do change the clocks for daylight saving, even though Arizona doesn’t (and your iPhone doesn’t know that!)
Inside the Navajo nation assembly
Inside the government assembly building is beautifully painted- I am not sure my photographs do it justice. We were lucky to catch him raising the flag and said it would be fine to take a walk inside and take pictures. The early bird and all that…..

I couldn’t leave W without mentioning Winslow, for all those Eagles fans out there. Not a lot goes down in Winslow Arizona ( presumably since Route 66 bypassed it)so they have made they most of those lines in that song by creating a fun photo opportunity with lamp post of course. So if standing of the corner of Winslow Arizona floats your boat here it is .

Eagles – Take it easy 1977 – YouTube


If you do find yourself in winslow, paying homage to the Eagles or just doing Route 66 make sure you go when you are hungry and have a meal at La Posada. It will probably be the best you’ll ever do on Route 66 and the hotel and art is just a sight for sore eyes. Even better, if you can plan a stop there, stay overnight. Believe me there isn’t much competition on that section of the Mother Road.

La posada


This was reckoned by many to be the jewel in the Fred Harvey crown (of hotels) and was frequented by the rich and famous after its opening in 1929. Built on the Santa Fe railway line linking Los Angeles with the interior, travellers in the 1930’s could quickly feel they were in another world but enjoy very high standards of service.

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Have a great day!

The wigwam hotel on Route 66





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6 thoughts on “W is for ….”

  1. Thanks Ingrid- I have suggested somewhere to you. Made my day. (And I think you are also going to try to make tent rock in NM)
    La posada Makes the trip to Winslow worthwhile. The hotel is like an art museum as the chef John originally from Newcastle England via LA is tops


  2. We’ve driven past Window Rock many a time, but have never stopped. Seems like we’ll need to change that. As for Winslow, that town is just sad yet it could be a lovely tourist draw if they’d clean it up. Obviously, we’ve had some bad experiences there. Great post for “W”.

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