A-Z challenge…..and so to Q

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In my back yard out here in the east valley we are lucky enough to have itinerant gambel’s quails. They are nervy little things so although I see a fair bit of them getting non blurred shots can be tricky- though not as tricky as our hummingbirds! So my quails are my entry for Q of the south west. With thanks to Mr N for sharing his shots as my catalogue on this Mac is sending me into a spin!


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hi! i am Anne (hence vANNilla) - two 'N's autocorrect WILL autocorrect - grrrrrr I can most often be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen,(with my trusty thermomix) behind a camera or a kindle. If you are a traveller/photographer my bog is @vannilla https://vannillarock.wordpress.com If you have come as a baker my blog is http://vannillarock.com i studied economics in Edinburgh in the early 70's; now retired from a day job, on paper i have plenty of time to explore the blogosphere and enjoy the shared experiences of others. like every other retiree i know we wonder how we fitted in a day job. I split my time between Guernsey,. In the Channel Islands -a 20-odd square mile island with 60thousand+ inhabitants- and Phoenix, Arizona. The mix is perfect- the former is beautiful but attacks of cabin fever are never too far away. Arizona, on the other hand IS king of the open road and has THE biggest bluest sky EVER. my blogs revolve around baking (vannillarock) and photography/travel if you like what you see please do start a conversation :)

6 thoughts on “A-Z challenge…..and so to Q”

  1. Hi Nancy how lovely to hear about your quails and also to relate you more closely to your blog. I am very jealous that you can see her on the eggs. When we have seen the tiny babies in our yard they have rapidly gone down from 10 to 2. 😦
    Thanks for such kind comments, Nancy. I only live here a few months a year ( and only for another week) but yes I love it. I will have a look at your recipe blog.

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  2. I love the Quail. Right now as I type away to you. I have a Momma Quail right outside my office window laying on her eggs. There are about 8 eggs. (By the way you and I have some things in common. We have a friend named Ingrid, we live in Arizona and love it, and we like recipes!) Neat blog you have!

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  3. Thank you so much. I had never come across them before spending time here in phoenix area. They are timid and a little comical in the way they run and fly. They are not natural fliers. Needless to say it’s the male whose the pretty one with his show off head piece 🙂

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