Early Birds …..get the sun beds


I know there will be some stunning sunrises for this challenge and I appreciate every one. There are way more great shots of sunsets – obviously!!

I was down at Mount Lemmon, Tucson, the other day to take in University of Arizona amazing telescope which they open to the public. A post will follow if I ever catch up with Death Valley!!! Anyway, that tour doesn't finish until almost 10pm so with an hour to travel down the very windy road, we booked a room at Loews, Ventana Canyon. Wow, just wow! This is a lovely resort where the gardens are jaw dropping. Whatever you want to do Loews seems to make it available to you.

We didn't get to enjoy any of the relaxing facilities as it was a flying visit ( basically a bed for the night) as we wanted to get off to the nearby Sabino Canyon quite early in the day. I thought this shot of the empty sun beds and neat towels appropriate, as the early birds hadn't yet arrived.

Couldn't resist adding this early bird who decided to hog the feeder, on the basis of 'if you sit in it and gorge, then no one else can get a beak in!'



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