Pelicans at La Jolla

We took a trip to San Diego to bring in the New Year – it was freezing! Well, it was west coast freezing not chicago freezing!

It is several years since last visiting this part of Southern California and I enjoyed visiting at a different time of year. We stayed in the gas lamp quarter and walked and walked from there. San Diego is not a very compact city so be prepared to walk. They do have a good public transport system with light rail links taking you most places.

A lone pelican was on the beach at Coronado


….but further up the coast at La Jolla a colony were preening themselves in the morning sun.


Some space has to be shared….


Wishing you peaceful day….


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2 thoughts on “Pelicans at La Jolla”

  1. Very nice photos. I was in La Jolla working for over a year right before I got into photograhy. I would love to get back out there now 😦

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