Zig zag landscape

While being shoulder deep in 'stuff' over the last couple of weeks, a zigzag themed photo challenge came and went. I knew exactly what recent shot I wanted to use but….

So having rethought the timing, while doing some editing on the shots that day, I thought I'd show it off anyway- hope you like as I think it is pretty jaw dropping.

This landscape is close to the amazing Mexican Hat. I am pretty sure I have featured this wonder in a bygone post, but I can't find it give you the link, so I think I can reliably say that you won't be able to find it either. I was trying to remember the technical name for those natural features where the top rock appears to teeter on top of other rock which has been eroded just below it, and I found the term- a hoodoo. Trusty Mr Google came to the recue of course, (because my trusted Mr N was out of the house), but not before recovering from a laughing fit, due to the google suggestion after I typed in “what do you call…” Google is apparently often asked “what do you call a cow with no legs” yep, apparently so! Well stuck I would say.

Anyway back to Mexican Hat which you must try to take in if you are ever anywhere near monument valley. The settlement- I would hate to mislead you but 'settlement' consists of a couple of buildings, including a small motel and eaterie- is a few miles from the natural feature which is down an unmade road. It possible to miss if you are chatting, singing, or on the phone- whatever you do on the open road, and by and large the road is open. Do take this road and this is what you'll see.




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