Choosing a shot for this week's word a week photo challenge – distant -was relatively easy when I saw the shots i had taken last week of Arizona's painted desert.

I would have preferred to take them a little later in the day, when the light and shodows would have been more interesting, but we had an overnight stop near Window Rock in New Mexico and so many more miles to travel. The parched ground and landscape could happily backdrop a moon landing.

I felt another couple of shots from last week's trip deserved a show in this category- salt river canyon never disappoints and the distant layers of mountain and road cutting through fits the bill for me.

Last up is the Bridge over the Rio Grande in New Mexico, near Taos. I have old shots of this bridge with a more typical deep blue sky but have chosen to show the distant storm activity which was to hit later in the day.



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hi! i am Anne (hence vANNilla) - two 'N's autocorrect WILL autocorrect - grrrrrr I can most often be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen,(with my trusty thermomix) behind a camera or a kindle. If you are a traveller/photographer my bog is @vannilla https://vannillarock.wordpress.com If you have come as a baker my blog is http://vannillarock.com i studied economics in Edinburgh in the early 70's; now retired from a day job, on paper i have plenty of time to explore the blogosphere and enjoy the shared experiences of others. like every other retiree i know we wonder how we fitted in a day job. I split my time between Guernsey,. In the Channel Islands -a 20-odd square mile island with 60thousand+ inhabitants- and Phoenix, Arizona. The mix is perfect- the former is beautiful but attacks of cabin fever are never too far away. Arizona, on the other hand IS king of the open road and has THE biggest bluest sky EVER. my blogs revolve around baking (vannillarock) and photography/travel if you like what you see please do start a conversation :)

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