Natural wonders 3

Antelope canyon

Antelope canyon, or what is generically called a slot canyon, had to be in my top ten natural wonders

and it's coming in here on my third post of this heading. When I visited I took the advice of a friend and waited for the photographers' tour. Of course EVERYBODY takes photographs on all the tours but if you choose this tour you will be at all the right spots to follow the sun's rays developing from a pinprick to an amazing column.

Sun's angle at the start

The guide helps you get some amazing shots by throwing sand into the sun's rays. He gives you pretty good advice on where to set up tripods etc and quite helpfully chases other groups away until you have had time to get good shots!

Entry point

Summer temperatures in Arizona hit more that 40° so inside the canyon it is a welcome relief to take photographs in cool air. This really is a place like no other. I hope I have given you a reason to come, especially as there is so much more to do in the area. More to follow.



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