Natural Wonders 2

Mexican hat

Continuing my tour of natural wonders with that WOW! effect. While thinking about a follow-up,

my eye caught a reblog from blogger awordinyourear where the rock formation commonly called Mexican hat was his entry for this week's wordaweekphotochallenge theme 'hats'. My reaction was 'I wish I had thought of that'! So though I didn't enter it for the 'hats' challenge, I thought it would fit into the natural wonders series.

Iridescent blue Utah sky

If you visit Monument Valley – much more on the tourist trail- you should take the twenty mile trip to this little village on the San Juan river. Mexican hat is outside the village but you may have to take accommodation there as Gouldings, the only hotel actually in monument valley, gets booked up very quickly. Remember, as at the grand canyon, everyone wants to see Monument Valley at sunrise and/or sunset.

Biggest BBQ cradle?

Interesting 'cowboy' food on steel plates cooked over this enormous fire.

There is so much to see around this area, more to follow.


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4 thoughts on “Natural Wonders 2”

  1. thanks for stopping by and commenting. you are so right about the area though and you always find more on return visits. shame that place has been closed when you passed. this was taken in the summer of 2011. the guy cooking the beef was melting before your eyes.:)


  2. The Swinging Steak! I’ve always wanted to grab a steak there but they always seem to be closed when I pass though. Great area of the country (most of Utah is 🙂


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