Inside the arctic circle

Truly the frozen north...

A family birthday was a good reason for everyone to get together for adventure and the unique experience

the arctic has to offer. Flying north from Helsinki to Ivalo airport and then on to kakslauttanen the whole world becomes white and reflective. The search for the northern lights proved somewhat illusive – no bright green sky, just shadows and remarkably bright stars because of lack of light pollution. And the Milky Way- wow!

Helsinki Kamppi chapel of silence

Interesting wooden structure in central Helsinki.

Helsinki Harbour

Not quite totally frozen….

Ivalo airport

Is there a more quaint baggage collection hall anyway in the world?

Ice igloos

First night's accommodation- not for the faint-hearted. Not sure I'd call it a bucket-list item but I've ticked it!!

Inside the ice igloo
Iced lake access

The Scandinavians do have some unique habits and jumping out of a hot sauna into a freezing tub is 'normal' so when the 'tub' is a frozen lake no one bats an eyelid.

Glass igloos

If the ice igloos seem like a step too far, the resort offers glass igloos to have a better chance of catching the northern lights.


Lodges are well appointed with underfloor heating and individual saunas. Fire places give you the chance to light a roaring log fire- gorgeous.

Reindeer safari

The evening reindeer safari tries to take advantage of the sensitivity reindeer have to the specific light spectrum in the aurora borealis.

There are quicker ways to make a cuppa...

While there are quicker ways to brew a cup of tea, and it probably wasn't worth waiting in the seriously sub zero night for, I doubt I will again watch a local Sammy light a fire in the middle of the forest on a -10°c evening

Husky chillin'

He wasn't on the run today so decided to relax in his kennel but keep an eye on us.

Go huskies!
Piercingly blue eyes

These are Alaskan huskies which have a huge variety of coat colour and eye colour- those blue eyes would not look out of place in a Hollywood scary movie.

Best view from top of kennel..

140 huskies in this husky safari centre.


We are encouraged to go into the puppy cages at the end of the safari to get them used to people cuddling and kissing them! Needless to say they are so very cute they have to be counted as we leave the gate!

My artsy helmet view

Snowmobile safari didn't have cute dogs and barking but in its own way it certainly had the Wow! factor.

'Top of the world' frozen tree

This rates as a 'bucket list' trip and it would be hard to imagine anyone being disappointed. Pack the thermals and enjoy a totally unique few days, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, and looking at THAT sky!


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